Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life Motivations

Are you happy with your life? If yes, your're done.
Now that leaves the rest of us...
Change. Who wants to do that? "Not me, I'm fine the way I am." you might say. Well, Change really isn't a request. It's life. You can stay the same and be perfectly happy, but just don't go outside or watch TV. Everything always has, and always will keep evolving and moving forward. As long as you keep pace to some extent, then life will seem to stay the same for you.
But why just keep pace? I mean, as long as your moving forward why not leap ahead and find your stride? Really have the lifestyle you thought you'd have. Tell me if this sounds familiar. When you're just starting out in the workforce, you're filled with dreams. Money is coming in, but the dreams of the future has money gushing in. So you're living the good life doing what we do with our dreams, put them in the future. They get created from a desire, and like a carrot on the end of a string, they keep moving forward as we do. After awhile, you wonder when the heck you're ever going to start that business, or get your passport or learn to dance. Ah, it's on the back burner because right now there are too many other things going on.
When does the cool stuff start? When do we put the wheels in motion and make it happen? How do we start? What if it goes horribly wrong?
It starts with The Decision. "I've decided, I'm going for it" From that point forward, the single best act you can do, is see yourself living that dream come to life in your mind.
If you have a dream inside you, let it out. The simple act of deciding to go for it, will change your life.


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