Thursday, August 6, 2009


Life is victory over our storms

Like the turbulent sea it rages endlessly

Sure, we have battled all the while
Against the stormy sea and the violent wind
With the treacherous waves
Breaking into our frail boat
And threatening violence and death
We are all adrift at sea
And are paralyzed with fear
As chaos and disaster
Stare us in the face
Abandoned to our own resources
We are powerless and helpless
Before the storm
And are face to face
With the futility of our ability
Walk over the waters Lord c
Calm the violent storm
And transform our fretful circumstances
Into a theophany, an epiphany
That like Moses in the desert
We may recognize your voice of assurance
In the blazing fire that surrounds us
Like a rampart
And heal our collective fear
Of storms and tornadoes
And earthquakes and wild fires

Walk then over the waters Lord
March firm on the turbulence
And let the stormy sea of disorder and chaos
Be a place of providential encounter
With the One who calms the storm
And stills the sea
Let the turbulent waters
of armed robbery and banditry
be the divine milieu
for a privileged revelation
Of the One
Who commands the troubled waters
And walks tall over the abyss of death

Walk over the waters Lord
Rebuke the wind
And let the tempestuous waves
Of trials and tribulations
Against which our frail boat
Must battle today
Be the harbinger of the Incarnate One
Who conquers evil
By his majestic presence.

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