Thursday, August 6, 2009


A young boy entered a cave-like structure. He aptly realized to his utmost shock and surprise a strange phenomenon, whose explanation has grown beyond his wildest imagination if he was ever certain of anything, he was so sure of the fact that he was alone in the cave. So what a surprise engulfed him when he distinctly detected a sound not far away from him.
Partly curious and partly scared, he quickly queried the strange sound: “who are you?” To his greatest chagrin, the strange voice quickly retorted in a tricycle fold of vocal resonance: “who are you?”. The poor lad just couldn’t believe his ear. “The stranger is retorting”, he imagined. Acquiring some modicum of courage, he sneered with a commanding voice, “Get out of here”! In a striking stretch of response, the voice backs at him thrice in descending tonality. Feeling very much enraged, embittered and scared, the boy snarled to the strange voice: “you are mad”. Getting a similar retort in a snarling manner, immense fear gripped the lad. Fear over toppled his courage and he heeded to his heels.
Crying profusely, he ran to his mother and related the whole incident. After relating his experiences, the wise mother enjoying some dose of laughter and in a piece of material advice urged her son to get back to the spot and speak more kindly to the invisible strange voice.
Emboldened by the maternal motivation, the young boy ran back to the cave and surprisingly the stranger has not yet gone. So, he spoke with a sweet voice: Hai, how are you doing?” The invisible voice also quizzed with a sweet voice: Hai, how are you doing?”, three times. The little lad was so delighted and he further said: “you must be very good”. He got the same reply thrice in a most sublime and kind words as the voice quickly retorted: “you must be very good”.
Unable to contain his delight, the little lad ran home happily and cheerfully, telling the mum that the stranger now spoke so kindly to him. The mum quickly admonished the son thus” be kind to the people and they will in turn be kind to you for whatever goes around comes around” in deed, nature is reciprocal, what one gives out one receives: love begets love, kindness begets kindness, and in like manner, hatred begets hatred. What are you sowing in nature?

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