Thursday, August 6, 2009


When things turned against my view
When people resent my company
When even my trusted pals keep a farther distance
When my success crashed in a night
When I have none dear to love
Is it my fault
Is it my making

When my innocence becomes my source of burden
When assault my charity begets
When my goodwill is ill rewarded
When a bowel of bitterness my dish of joy is supplanted
When my laughter is enjoyed alone, with none to share my affections
Is it my fault
Is it my own making

When I am misunderstood for the right
And accused beyond defense
When all eyes fall on me resentfully
For no fault of mine at all
When I force myself to be happy
But tears of abandonment come rolling by
Is it my fault
Is it my own making

Yeah, can it be my fault or my making
When my focus becomes beclouded
And all foundations of courage shattered
When my future cracks in my very before
And poverty in me despair begets
When banality and brutality reigns supreme
With no good words to heal our wounded world
Is it my fault
Is it my making

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