Thursday, August 6, 2009


I woke up this morning with a start. I feel so full of myself, in fact, I was so happy and contented- piping through the window the early morning sun set stole inside my apartment and reawakened my very being to the beautiful scenes of the environs. Oh what a wonderful to live in, with things coming in their season and phasing out. What a wonderful world to habit with nature nurturing our lives, and assuring our safe and comfort almost automatically.

Yeah, what a beautiful world we have with the green vegetation providing the needed fresh oxygen, the birds of the air providing soft melodious tone, the fishes of the ocean, the beast of the fields, rivers and seas, mountains and hills, thunder and lighting, clouds and sky, all in place to provide a wonderful living and comfort in this terrestrial habitat.

Each time I think of our lives here, I am filled with delight. Do you know why? Not far fetched- because I am a human being. Just because I am a human being, the whole of nature was made to assure my comfort.

When I am hungry, the nearest fruit plant satisfies my hunger. Any available meat/fish assures my steady supply of protein. When I am thirsty, the waters are there at my disposal. The fresh air is there for me- free. In fact the good things of life, the priceless commodities of our living are there in nature free of charge.

Oh, what a wonderful world to live in

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