Thursday, August 6, 2009

Self Motivation Tips Made Smart and Easy

Orchestrating your success comes at a cost. But who says that cost always must be difficult? Obviously self motivation is a huge factor for success. The following are self motivation tips that are easy to implement and smart strategies for action.
Avoid Naysayers - there is nothing worse than being around a person or people who are pessimistic, critical, doubting, negative, or gloomy. Without a doubt, these types of people are all around motivation killers. It is unfortunate that these people are everywhere. Run in the opposite direction when you see them coming. If you cannot avoid them, then tune them out. Do not listen to them. Better yet, invest in a pair of ear plugs. It is money well spent ant time well managed.
Find humor in your situation - When you are faced with tasks or goals that are difficult to achieve, you can become too serious. You can spend so much time focused on overcoming the obstacles that prevent you from action that you lose perspective. Sometimes the best approach is to be able to laugh about it. It lightens the mood, puts you in a better frame of mind, and generates lasting joy. When you are in a better frame of mind, it opens the doors of opportunity to find new approaches and ideas for goal/task achievement.
Listen to yourself - Whether or not you know it, you talk to yourself constantly. Your subconscious mind is always thinking words and sentences subconsciously reinforcing action and behavior. If what you are saying is negative then tell yourself to shut up. Replace negative thoughts with more positive thoughts.
Understand your choices - Life is about choices. From your choices you experience consequences. Every time you contemplate or struggle with taking action think of the benefits and negatives associated with your decision. If you take action, then you are one step closer to achieving what you want. If you do not take action then you get nowhere. Worse yet, you may fall backwards. Ever hear of the saying, "one step forward, two step backwards?" Here is a new one for you to think about. "No steps forward. No motivation. Hence, no meaning in living.
Tap into your feeling of dissatisfaction - One of the best self motivation tips out there is fed off of any dissatisfaction you may feel about your current situation. As always, emotions are powerful motivator. Do not lose out on one of the best forms of leverage you have.
Find your motivation theme music - You have heard music which energizes you and prompts your body to movement. Find yours. Every time you need to find that extra something to get you going play your song. Sometimes it pays to try something different. Give this a try. I use it all of the time when cleaning - the task I wish I could avoid at all cost.
There you have it. Six self motivation tips ready to move you to action. Always remember, self motivation is a habit you want to cultivate. So, get moving. Your success awaits you. Even when abandoned in the desert of life’s struggle, there’s always an oasis of hope beside.

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